Scene 3: Bombadil's House

Narrator: Lost within the confines of the Old Forest that covers the land between the river Baranduin and the ancient Barrow-downs, our four intrepid hobbits trudge along in search of a landmark to navigate by.

Sam: ...and then you sort of mash the mixture of cow droppings and hay into the tilled soil before planting. It really increases the harvest yield!
Frodo: This new learning amazes me, Sam. Explain again about that process you call "mulching."
Sam: Oh, gladly Mr. Frodo. In late Autumn you--
Merry: Look!
(a dark river of brown water, bordered and arched with ancient willows, and flecked with thousands of faded willow-leaves stretches lazily before them)
Frodo: Withywindle!
Sam: Withywindle!
Merry: Withywindle!

Pippin: It's only a river.
Frodo: Shh! My dear friends... I bid us make haste to the home of he who was known to the men of Arnor as Orald, he whom the dwarves call Forn, and who is known to hobbits as Tom Bombadil! Let us hasten... to... Bombadil's House!

Tom Bombadil: (singing as he quickly walks into view along the river)
I'm Tom Bombadil, Oh, Bombadillo!
By the water, reed, and willow.
Hear me sing, water-lilies bring,
For my Goldberry's pillow.
Come merry dol! Hey, by the water,
To see the River-woman's daughter.
I'm Bombadil, a merry fellow;
Blue jacket and boots of yellow.
On many days I'm in a craze,
With my songs I love to bellow.
For none have caught the master,
Tom's songs and feet are faster.
(in Bombadil's house)
Goldberry: [clap clap clap clap]
(back at the river)
Tom Bombadil: (tap-dancing)
Hey now, hear me singing?
With your ears a'ringing.
Spend the day and prance away,
my songs I'll keep on winging.
'Cause I can't let my rhymes get lax,
Goldberry: (fingers in ears) I have to stuff my ears with wax!

(back overlooking the river)
Frodo: Well, on second thought... let's not go to Bombadil's. It is a silly place.
Sam: Right.
Merry: Right.
Pippin: Right.

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