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New NWN Mod

Postby StumpTX_XC » Sat Apr 03, 2004 3:49 am


The Mod (official version 10) is uploaded and though it still needs work, there is plenty of fun to be had. I am looking into setting this up to run on a temporary server with password access for testing purposes. If you can help with that or you would like to explore our new Xenocorp world and contribute during this stage of development, please post a reply.

Either way, we hope to see many of you on opening day when we throw our doors open to the public. You will need NWN and both the SoU and HoU expansion packs to play. We will be using epic levels and item/level restrictions. We are definitely moving to a new (and fun) phase of this project thanks to Frey, Ravenstar and my old spider-hunting buddy Nafein.

We will also be using the CEP Hak Pack that Bioware seems so fond of lately. It is their official, debugged (we hope) hak with the best user-created content. We will try to get it posted on the ftp site for y'all.
Perilandra is running online on a part-time basis while Nafein and I add some finishing touches. Stop by and check for mod name Perilandra in the Alternative section.
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