Animators needed for paid work.

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Animators needed for paid work.

Postby Metalien » Mon May 03, 2010 6:46 pm

OK fellow XC'ers! I need to enquire on behalf of a friend if we have any pro animators who're willing to work for REAL money to help a REAL signed band put together a video? I'll copy and paste everything I just got sent right here for ease of use.

Portsmouth based 'progressive rock/metal band' ENOCHIAN THEORY ( / have just signed a multi-album deal with Mascot Records.

In order to help promote the bands new album (which will be released in September), and as part of promotion for the 1st single from that album, a video is being sought by the band and label to promote this single.

The video will be for a song around 7 minutes in length and the band already have a storyboard ready to go, created by artist Robin Portnoff, who is responsible for the excellent artwork used in the band's debut album and on the bands website.

A four figure budget is available for this video and we're looking for people to get involved with us in this project.

The band envisage the use of 'stop motion' animation and very skilled computer animation in a bid to capture the true idea of what the main storyboard is about.

We need a small team of people who might interested in not only getting paid well for their troubles, but having their video shown worldwide on various TV channels that Mascot Records use to promote their bands, as well as shown during the bands live set during their upcoming tours.

We feel it is an excellent opportunity for anybodywho is confident in their ability to deliver a quality product.

If you are interested or just want more information, please contact the band here:

My friend Ben is very much looking for someone not only profesional but someone willing to work on this. Thanks Guys and Gals for any help here.

Enochain Theory's Website is here:
And thier forums:
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