GZLeagues.com invites XC

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GZLeagues.com invites XC

Postby [GZ]Whoo » Thu Jan 15, 2004 7:13 am

We have currently started cycle one in the new divisional format.

Our schedule is up, matches are being set and we will begin this coming week.

Currently I am hosting MSV, a mirak fleet which pretty much houses Dyna guys testing out the league structure for cycle 2.

I invite anyone interested in this new NON LADDER setup to PM me, I can add you to our roster so you can have a look and see how it works.

We are trying to bring some of the dyna guys over, since the matches rarely take up any time (depending on how much practice you need) and are scheduled around your schedule (we dont issue the date, just the week and who you play) so it shouldnt interfere with dyna play.

Anyone interested my MSN is hellwhoo@hotmail.com or you can post a request at the forums http://www.gzleagues.com/forums and request to be added to my roster or I am sure our lead Jakle will add you to his if you cant stomach being in the greatest race ever created, the Kzin :)

This also extends to GFL, who I know frequent here and I cant find their web addy :D

Keep in mind, I only offer to view, you dont actually have to play in a match unless you opt to.
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