Vengeance Through Hellfire

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Vengeance Through Hellfire

Postby Tus » Fri Apr 24, 2009 4:14 pm

a start of lil history for my main - i'll come up with more as I go


Retaw awoke, covered in his enemies blood. He could feel the burn of exertion in his muscles and the drain of energy from the use of dark magics. It was always like this when he let his master Xolti tranform him into an avatar of destruction. He could dimly remember swinging his two-handed sword around, decapitating one of his foes then immediatly igniting the other with a touch of his hand like an ember to dried grass. It was the price these bandits would have to pay for their ill-fated assault on a Herold of Xolti. He ignored the blood covering his face and clothes and quickly wiped his blade in the dead grass. He thought about wiping off his face but thought better of it; the blood would be a good deterance to other would be theives. He would shortly be entering Stygian lands and he had more important things to worry about than bandits sneaking up on him. He was an outcast in his homeland because he denouced Set - Set was weak compared to the powers he had gained from Xolti. He was sure that he would be hunted on sight by those damned snake worshipers. It didn't matter though, he would tear them asunder just like any other foe. He had family to avenge and thats all that mattered - they were the reason he had sought this power. No man should need to fear being fed to a slithering beast at the whim of some loon. The priest that had decided to sacrfice his father and brother would pay most dearly for his mistake. Retaw would make sure that he died a slow and painful death as they had in the belly of that snake. But first he needed to get there and crossing the expanisve desert that lay before him was the first of many challenges that lay before him.

He had little memory of his life before his transformation - it was a clouded haze of pain and grief. He barely recalled crossing this expanse 7 years earlier in his grief stricken state. The delirium of dehydration had left that part of this journey muddled and confused. In stark contrast to the haze of his past was that of a voice that had whispered in his mind. At first it was but a feeling, like a high pitched sound to high to hear but that can be felt. It was uncomfortable but at the same time it filled the void that threatened to consume him. It had guided him when there were no paths, protected him against harm and provided for him when he needed it. It had of course been his master, but in his delirium then he only knew to follow it. Now seven years later his master had rewarded him for his efforts and sacrifices with powers that would send even the most fearless of men cowering. The heat of the Sun and the thirst in his throat as he plodded through the desert were nothing compared to the trials of his master and his followers. They had taken him to the cusp of insanity, to the very point where life and death mingle and had left him there for days. In the insanity, the voice of Xolti became clearer, it was there the true training began. It was a never ending cycle of torture with small periods of respite to allow the body time to recover. Now he was thankful for that hell, it would allow him to endure what he must to get his vengeance. It would still be days till he reached the other side of the barren expanse. This was a journey that was normally accomplished by a well stocked caravan. Had he been the same person he had been seven years ago he would die without a caravan. Now with his enhanced strength he could carry enough supplies for his journey as well as endure the hardships of the desert with out breaking his stride.

He grinned as he imagined what he must look like now. A lone figure running through a desert, cape billowing behind him, moving at a speed through the expanse that would be impossible for any normal human. His cloths gray, streaked with crimson red of blood and muted greens were filled out with well muscled form that threatened to break the seams in spots. If they could get close enough and lived to tell their tale they would see a man whose bulk seem to be filled with some kind of unnatural strength. Truly a fearsome sight to behold he thought. He couldn't wait to stand before this priest of Set and to see the shock on his face of the inevitable outcome. With that thought in his mind he further quickened his pace, the sooner he got there the sooner he could exact his vengeance.
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Re: Vengeance Through Hellfire

Postby Tus » Thu Apr 30, 2009 1:55 am


"Halt!" Shouted the guard as he placed a firm hand against Retaws chest, stopping him from entering the city.

"I wish to enter the city, you are currently preventing me, why?" he replied coolly as his eyes snapped over to glare at the guard. The look alone made the guard flinch as he quickly pulled his hand away.

"You may not enter with your weapons, you will need to leave them at the gate" the now nervous guard replied. Retaw thought for a moment about this. He could easily overpower the guard and make his way in. The problem was in numbers - if he killed the guard there would most likely be an alarm calling all the guards on him. He would probably only make it halfway to the temple before they managed to overwhelm him. He had no intention of sacrificing his life with out accomplishing his task. He had other ways of ending lives, however none were as efficient as swinging a blade in his hands. Still, he didn't exactly need them to kill the priest, all he would need for that fat fool was his bare hands. It would just require a bit more cunning to get to his goal. Plus, this set back would probably prove beneficial - the direct approach was bound to attract too much attention, if he was forced to sneak in he could kill his target and escape without losing his life.

"Fine, take them," as he pulled the harness off his shoulder and over his head, "But know that if there is but one smudge on the blade or a new ding in the scabbard that your life will end". With that he thrust the weapon into the mans chest. He put just enough strength behind it that it forced the burly man to stagger backwards. The nervousness of the guard left and was replaced by a genuine fear. Retaw never made an empty threat and the guard now knew this.

Naqada stank of human excrement. The roads were lined with stone walk ways that were about two feet tall and ten feet wide. The road way in the middle was dirt, which would be dusty in the dry desert air if it wasn't for the mixture of excrements that covered it. The space between them large enough for two horse drawn carts to go side by side. It also had carefully placed stepping stones so people could cross without stepping in the mire but that wouldn't block the wheels of the carts. Retaw carefully kept to the stone walkways in order to keep most of the waste from getting on him. He had bathed not long ago in an Oasis a mile or so outside of the city. He was clean and no longer reakeed of death. For the time being he intended to keep it that way. As he made his way through city he couldn't help but notice that it seemed far to quiet for the time of day. It was obvious that many things had changed since he had left. Where the walkways would have once been bustling with merchants and shoppers, they were now barren with only a few people quickly making there way along. The people he passed didn't so much as make eye contact with him as they made their way hurridly by. He could feel the fear and tension in the air, it was thick enough he could almost taste it. He decided he would need to find out what had happened during his absence. Making his move without knowledge was foolhearty. Deep in the fog of his memories he remembered Natsuma, a beauty like no other. Thinking about her seemed to clear the fog that had taken his over his mind during his journey. He recalled having many fond memories of her, some more intimate than others. Hell, just thinking about her made him long for her embrace. They had been close in more ways than one and they had been on good terms before he left. Hopefully that hadn't changed.

He let his feet carry him through the city. They took him along paths that he could hardly recall, through twists and turns of backroads and dark corridors. For whatever reason his feet remembered where to go even if he couldn't recall. By dusk he had arrived at the doorstep of a small adobe home on the far side of town. It was a modest dwelling but did its job well. Standing at the door, he took a moment to straighten his clothing and make himself presentable. He felt nervous for the first time in a long time. Taking a second to regain his composure, he knocked on the door. He waited for several seconds as he heard stirring behind the door. When the door opened he saw her familiar form standing before him. Her face was one of shock at seeing him alive, he grinned. With a flash her face changed to one of fear and then anger. Then there was a tingling sensation that shot through his spine followed by intense pain and then blackness that filled his sight..
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Re: Vengeance Through Hellfire

Postby Tus » Thu Apr 30, 2009 12:37 pm


He could feel the warmth and hear the crackle of a fire that burned somewhere nearby. His head throbbed and he was groggy enough that he couldn't recall what had happened. Retaw slowly opened his eyes to better judge where he was. He was inside a small, one room house. It was late as he could make out no light coming in through the windows. The soles of his feet and parts of his back felt odd. He reached a hand around and gingerly prodded his lower back and winced. He pulled his hand back and on it he could see some blood and mixed with it the smell burnt flesh. Whatever had struck him had arced through his body, escaped at odd points and then finally burst out through his feet. He didn't worry to much about it. His wounds would heal at an accelerated rate thanks to his new powers so all he would need was a little time. Slowly the drowsiness left him and he remembered what happened. He had been struck by lightning or something similar. He also remembered that Natsuma had called it down on him. A myriad of questions entered his mind: Why did she attack him, when did she get these powers, and most importantly, what was going on. He sat up and relaxed a bit. Focusing his powers he knit wounds on the bottoms of his feet together. Once he was healed enough to walk he stood up and glanced around the small house.

It had appeared from the outside to be a modest dwelling. From the inside that differed. The furniture and the items in the house were expensive. In one corner was a finely polished stone table that had two chairs on either end. There was a throw rug in the middle of the room and it wasn't some rag that was hobbled together but a finely knitted piece that most nobles would envy. Even the bed which he had been in was of high quality down feathers. Natsuma had done well for himself. A lot had changed in the years he had been gone.

As he looked around he reminded himself that she had attacked him and decided lay back down on his stomach on the bed so as to not startle her when she came back. He didn't need anything else to happen before he talked with her. Within a ten minute span he heard the door creak open as it swung inwards. In walked Natsuma carrying some items. It looked to be a variety of poultices - she appeared to be intent on healing him. He decided that she probably wasn't going to kill him... at least not yet.

He rolled to his side and swung his legs around as he sat up on the bed. "Hello Natsuma" he said as he made eye contact.

"Retaw Fu'Drean, " she said softly with a smile as she walked over to him. At least she hadn't zapped him with a lightning bolt again. She closed the distance in a few graceful strides, raised a hand and slapped him across his face.

"Thats for leaving me seven years ago without so much as telling where you were going or asking me come along," she said with a frown. Retaw rubbed his red cheek.

"Yes, yes, I probably deserved that... but would you mind stop hurting me," he said with a sheepish grin, "You seem intent on doing that whether it be with your hand or a lightning bolt." Her face blushed a bit.

"Well if you didn't scare a girl out of her wits you wouldn't be getting struck by lightning." She replied.

"Oh is that it. Well that brings up a good question... Why did you decide it would be a good idea to shock me... and on that note when did you learn that new trick."

"Well, first off, you scared me and I reacted. Secondly its not a trick - its magic," She said with jovial look that went more serous toward the end. She hadn't told the full truth though, she had sensed a demon about him. Her first instinct was to attack and only after he was out cold did she realize she had made a mistake. Now she wanted him to tell her the truth.

"Your avoiding the question, I know its magic, I said when did you learn it."

"I didn't, one day I was just able to call down lightning and fire is all," she replied, glancing away. There was more to that, but she was intent on hiding that from him for now.

"I see," he replied as he mused with his beard. It appeared she was born with dormant sorceress powers that had awakened recently. It would explain why he was still alive. "Well next time could you do me a favor and talk to me before you decide it a good idea to electrocute me." Her face was grim, as she nodded.

"So why are you here. If you think you can just come back into my life after being gone for so long you are mistaken," she said as she brushed her hair over her shoulder. She walked over to to a chair and pulled it close to the bed, "Lie down so I can take care of your injuries. Anyways, since you've been gone I've had plenty of suiters. They've given me lots of fine, expensive gifts. Some of them have even offered me marriage."

"Oh really, well I guess I don't need to apologize then," he said with a sheepish grin

"Well it might be a good idea to do so since I'm going to working on your wounds," she replied

"Wounds that you caused," he added. She gave him the look.

With a sigh and a nod Retaw started, "I'm sorry for leaving you like that, at the time I wasn't thinking clearly," he said with sincerity. There was more to that, but he decided best not to tell her now. He feared that if he told her to much about his new power it would unsettle her and she would fear him. More than anything he didn't want her to fear him, " I needed time to clear my head and plan my revenge."

"Well it took you damn long enough to do that. Seven years you've been away sulking, you would think you could have at least thought of a better way to show up at my place instead of late in the evening with out so much as a flower." she said coyly as she tended to his back. Her long delicate fingers tended to his wounds with a finesse that only a woman could have.

"I had some... things I needed to do. They took much time," he replied carefully.

"Like getting possessed by a demon," She said as he press hard against one of his open sores. She hoped that he would tell her if she prompted him a bit.

"I'm not possessed by anything," He replied quickly trying to keep from actually telling her what had happened.

"That's a lie, I can smell demon on you and feel it in your blood," She said as her eyes locked on to his and icely stared at him. He decided it would be best to tell her before she did anything rash again. He searched his mind for a way to tell her with out revealing it all. The cloud further lifted from his memories as he thought back for a reason.

"Remember what I said after they took my father and brother, a few days prior to my leaving. That if I had the power to I would run in there, slay all the guards and rescue them? Well I sought that power out, "he lied, it had sought him out," to get my vengeance."

"That's also a lie," She said, "You are a Herald of Xolti, that one seeks you out." How did she know that? She had gained much knowledge since he had left. Her expression softened,"What have you done Retaw, don't tell me you sacrificed your soul to that demon." There were tears forming at the edge of her eyes as she moved her face closer to his.

"Don't worry, I'm fine," he said as he tried to allay her worries," I am still me and I'm the one in control." He took his hand a wiped a tear from her face. That seemed to help her a bit, but the worry didn't leave her face.

"So with your new power I take it you are here to exact your revenge on that priest? Well, Retaw, that might not be as easy as you thought it would be. He has also changed, grown powerful somehow. He suffocates this town under the heel of his boot," She told him, as she worked on his back, carefully adhering the bandages with some kind of sticky substance, " Many have tried to overthrow him, all have met their deaths."

"I see. So he is more than just a fat old priest now," he asked.

"Yes, much more. I do not know where he draws his powers from, but whatever it is it gives him an immense reserve of power. Further, no one can cause harm to him as he is protected by some spell. I fear that even with your new found powers you would most likely meet same fate as the others."

Retaw grinned, "Yes, that is possible, but I will kill him"

"Haven't you been listening, its impossible! No one can hurt him!" She shouted

"And when has the impossible stopped me. Natsuma, I've done a lot of things that many men consider impossible, I know from experience that there is nothing that cannot be accomplished without a little thought and cunning."

"Retaw, the best assassins couldn't take him out, what makes you think you are any different," she asked as she finished up the last bandage.

He rolled over to his side and gently pulled her face to his and kissed her. "I have you," he said with a smile.
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Re: Vengeance Through Hellfire

Postby Tus » Thu Aug 06, 2009 6:59 pm


It took them a week to make their preparations but at least they were ready. The necessary ingredients of the incantation were hard to come by, a problem that took time in order to barter, bribe, steal what was necessary. This was further compounded by the time needed to teach Natsuma the knowledge necessary to use them. With them, they could preform a spell that he had learned through his training that could turn the tides in their favor. There was one catch though, and that was that it would take time for the incantation to be completed. To ensure that they succeeded, Retaw would have to play the role of bait. However, if the incantation worked, this priest would be temporarily weakened. It was Retaw's desire to end the priests life at that very moment by slowly incinerating his body. He only had one fear as they slowly crept their way towards the temple - had they been discovered? The time involved in preparing meant that Nepotitus, the Priest, could have learned of his presence through his spies. Worse, he feared that the power that flowed through his veins might have already alerted his prey. At this point this didn't matter, they would succeed no matter the cost - even if it was his very life.

The slowly crept their way through back allies, carefully keeping to the shadows. They made their way forward, ever careful to avoid the patrols that criss-crossed the city. He hated skulking about in the shadows, but it was a necessary to do in order for them to succeed. With an urgency, Natsuma halted him and bayed him to hold still. She carefully lifted a finger and pointed ahead. It was the entrance to the temple and here they could not simply sneak by the guards.

"Retaw, something is wrong," she said, "There are 10 guards at the door, to many for the normal watch. I fear he has learned of our presence"

Retaw silently cursed himself for not taking action earlier. Now things would be more difficult than anticipated.

"Let us turn back, Retaw. He knows somehow that we are coming," she whispered.

He could sense her fear and he felt it to somewhere deep in the pit of his stomach. But for him it was but one emotion, like single drop of water to raging inferno that burned inside him. It would not get in the way of his goal.

"I can't Natsuma, I must see this through not matter the outcome," he replied. Locking eyes with her he placed a hand gingerly to her cheek, "I cannot ask you to come any further with me, this danger is mine to face - not yours."

Natsuma steeled herself as she pushed away her fears, "You know that I won't let you go alone into that viper's nest, that would be suicide. No, I'm definitely coming along..." She said as her lips formed sly smile," plus I'm stronger than you.".

Retaw let out a slight chuckle, "I'm glad you will be with me," he replied," now let us teach these fools the meaning of fear"

Retaw crouched down and coiled his muscles in preparation of his movement. Without his sword he would simply would have to faster than the guards. He taped into the power his master had given him and focused it into his muscles and then into a point in front of him. In an instant he sprung from his crouch and leapt forward with inhuman speed. At the same time he pushed apart the air in front of him with fiery wedge. He dashed the 25 meter gap between him and the nearest guard in what appeared to be only an instant. To the observer it would have appeared as if fiery wall had just appeared. However, if they could have seen it form they would have seen a man igniting the ground behind him with each step looking as though he were pushing a fiery column in front of him.

Drawing on his power again he plunged his hand into the man's chest, snatching and ripping out the still beating heart of the guard. A bloodlust traveled through his body as he quickly eyed the heart in his hand and the now white face of the guard. He locked eyes with the guard and let out a maniacal laugh as he took a bite out of the heart. The other guards, mere meters from him, watched in horror as they witnessed the grisly scene, too shocked to take action. Retaw tossed the remnants of the heart aside as the body fell. He crouched by the body of the felled guard and clutched the sword. Before he could draw the sword, the guards recovered their senses and charged him weapons drawn. One guard seemed to leap ahead the pack, closing distance with him faster than he could draw the sword and take a fighting stance. Before he had time to think about what he would do next he felt an intense heat fly just over his shoulder. It looked like a fiery lance had leapt from Natsuma's hand and in an instant it slammed into the man's chest, burning a hole right through him.

Retaw didn't waste a moment, drawing the two handed sword the guard had been carrying on his back he sprung into action. With the speed and strength Xolti gave him, he proceeded to lay waste to the men in front of him. 1, 2, 3 guards lay at his feet as he swung the sword, rending their armor and cutting through their bodies as if they were but straw dummies. Out of the corner of his eye he watched another man fall after being struck by lightning. He cringed as he thought about his own experience with Natsuma's rage. He glanced to his right and saw another guard charge. Reacting, he swung his blade around, neatly removing the mans head. Three more guards closed distance slowly, prepared for him to attack with his sword. Retaw relaxed his jaw, letting the power flow through him , and with a sharp pain it dislocated and opened wide. Out from his mouth he released a hellish breath of flames that torched the men in front of him. Without a thought, his jaw popped back into place. His eyes locked on the last man. He focused his power into the steel weapon, turning it white hot. He closed distance with the man in two quick steps, plunging the blade into his chest. A moment later, the dark magic he had focused into the sword ignited the man.

Retaw's body burned with an insatiable urge to kill. It was his master's will he felt as it threatened to take control of him and change him. He closed his eyes and focused bringing the power back under his control. He opened them to see Natsuma by his side. He grinned

"I think I enjoy having you on my side burning and electrocuting men, its far less painful" he said jokingly.

"Yes, I suppose you would," she grinned, "now let us hurry up and get moving before someone comes to find out what all the commotion was about."
Retaw bent down and grabbed a key from one of the dead guards. They quickly made their way to the door, unlocked it and rushed inside.
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Re: Vengeance Through Hellfire

Postby Tus » Thu Aug 06, 2009 7:04 pm


The temple was cavernous in side with pillars reaching to the ceiling. The floors were a deep purple marble, covered with mats so that worshipers could kneel and pray. In the center was a raised circular platform. It was made of 3 stacks of green marble cut so that when they were stacked on top of each other stairs were formed. On top of the platform and underneath the doom was a altar and around it was a floored stained with dried blood. Their stood a man.

"Well well, what do we have here. Two devout worshipers of set? No? Well well, if that is not the case then obviously you are here for me." He said, ending his last word with what felt like a rumbling growl.

"Well, at least your not as stupid as other priests in your order, you were able to figure that out on your own," Retaw jeered at him, "Do recognize me fool."

"I couldn't care less who you are really, your just another insignificant bug I must crush under my heel."

"Well then, by your answer it seems that you must have been struck dumb in the past few years. You murdered my family, 'sacrificed them' in the name of Set. All because my Father stopped you from raping some young girl. I believe he was the one who put that scar on your neck when he used his knife to pull you back."

"Ah, yesss, you are the coward that ran. I remember you. You back to regain some of your honor, hmm?"

Retaw felt his blood burn at the remark, and instead of controlling the power, he let some of it seep out. He wanted him to know what he was.

"Ah, I sense a presence in you, something from the very deepest depths of hell. Xolti I think it is. Yes. You are one of his herald's now. My my, I can just imagine all that you went through to acquire that power. A shame really, as it won't help you."

"Priest, you will see, I will have my Vengeance TONIGHT," He shouted. Retaw tapped his sword to the floor, signaling for Natsuma to begin the spell that would weaken the priest. Then he focused and released his hold on the power inside of him. The power of Xolti traveled through him, causing him to grow and then transform into the demonic essence of Xolti. The creaking of sinews could be heard as every part of him was painfully morphed. He let out a cry, but it was no more a mans cry but blood curdling roar. He felt a haze come over his mind as his consciousness was suppressed. He forced one thought to the surface, one image of what he needed to do. And he attacked.

Retaw watched as he moved. When Xolti transformed him, Retaw maintained very little control over his body. It felt as if were issuing commands and then watching them being carried out. With a mighty swing, he brought the sword down on the priests head. He put all of his power behind it, attempting to put his sword straight through the floor. He felt the priests head move a little. In an instant, Retaw rejoiced, he had overcome the priest shield, he was dead.
The blade stopped and shattered. The priest straightened up.

"You think a mere sword is going to stop me, HA! I cannot be harmed you fool, Set protects me." He laughs, "now get away from me."

The Priest placed a hand to Retaw's chest and with a mumbled phrase sent him flying back into the a pillar 15 meters away. He slumped to the floor dazed. With another word, Retaw felt a familiar pain of electricity traveling through his body except this time it was more intense. He felt his vision fading and his senses dulled - his power just wasn't enough.

Natsuma let out a gasp as she watched Retaw's body slump over. With a scream she sent a fiery lance at the priest, while trying to maintain her concentration on the incantation that would weaken the priest. The lance flew out and slammed into the priest, where it simply fizzled out.

"Now, what do we have here," the priest said, shifting his gaze to Natsuma, "A lovely young women, and look at that she is dabbling in some dark arts. Well now, we can't have that can we. I think I will use you like the other pretties I have had in this town." The priest made his way to her.

Through the haziness of his senses Retaw realized what was happening. He commanded his demon form to its feet, and then uttered a few vile oaths as he sacrificed another piece of his soul to Xolti. He felt a rush of new power flow through him, empowering him. Pushing off of the pillar he charged the priest, shattering marble under his feet as he moved. He slammed his body into the priest, picking him up and ramming him into a nearby pillar. Retaw wrapped his arms around him and pinned his arms to his side.

The priest laughed," Well, your certainly stronger than the others, I'll give you that. But do you really think you can hold on to me?"

The priest uttered a few phrases and charged the barrier that was protecting him. Retaw could feeling the electricity racing through his body, but he held this time. He forced himself to endure, pushing every last remaining bit of strength into holding him there, if only for a few moments more.

"Get off of me you vile demon,"The priest said with an angry tone, "I said GET OFF!"

The priests seemed to pulse for a second and then again flung Retaw back off of him.

"Now my pretty, your mine," he said reaching out a hand and taking her by the arm. Natsuma struggled but was unable to break his grip. She redoubled her efforts and hastily finished the last words of the incantation, and released spell onto its target. With a loud crack the protective barrier around the priest collapsed, deafening him temporarily. The priests face was on of shock and then anger.

"I will punish you for your insolence," he said with an evil grin," You should have never come here with your friend."

Retaw reached out with his demon form and pulled the priests arm from Natsuma. His cold eyes locked with the priests, "Now you will pay"

Retaw focused his power into the grip, igniting the priests right arm. The priest let out a scream as his arm burned. Retaw grinned inwardly to the thought of finally getting his revenge. Then he felt his power slip away as his gripped loosened and he fell to the floor. His body locked in some kind of grip that prevented him from moving. His body painfully reverted back to its human form and as it did he watch as the priest run, holding his lifeless arm that was no more than a mere cinder.

When he recovered moments later, he cursed himself for letting the priest cast a spell on him. Had he killed him instantly instead of trying to torture him, he would have had his revenge. Now he would have to hunt him again.

"DAMN IT," He yelled, as he slammed his fists into the floor,"Through my own lust for vengeance I've let him escape!"

"Aye, your vengeance clouded your vision," She said as she walked over, "but take heart, you have maimed him and saved this town from his clutches. And you still have your life. Now lets get out of here before we forfeit them."
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Re: Vengeance Through Hellfire

Postby Tus » Thu Aug 06, 2009 7:05 pm


They arrived back at Natsuma's house shortly before dawn. Winded they leaned against the house for support as they recovered their breath.

"Now what do I do, He has escaped and I do not know where to find him this time," Retaw said staring off into the distance.

"Retaw, look at me," She said, turning his head towards hers, "Vengeance consumes you until you are nothing left but a hollow husk of man. Let it go, live your life."

"But I can't do that, I haven't righted the wrong against my family. How can I simply move on and forget about them?" he replied

"Living your life does not mean that you must forget about them, but instead honor their memories. It means that you should let fate guide you. If you are fated to kill him, then you will find him. But you shouldn't let him consume your life. In that way you let him win and disrespect the lives of your family."

"You are right. Natsuma, leave this place with me. There is nothing here for us."

"Then let us go my love."
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