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Escort vessels

Postby Locutus_XC » Wed Jan 27, 2010 10:44 am

I haven't had the time to tweak with the escorts like I anted to but I have found some interesting fun things about them.

The first is what I call the Locutus Maneuver. You can go about 20k or so with this tip if you need to bail out of battle and recharge shields. Throw your engines to full, use your evasive maneuver skill and then your emergancy power to engines. Comes in handy when you need to get some fire off of you. You can circle back at long range then and do dps from there and let shields recharge. I think this will work with cruisers and science vessels.

Next Shields and DPS are your friends. In my opinion you need shields that can take as many hit points as possible. Don't worry about the recharge. If you lose your shields you are pretty well dead. Use Shield batteries and recharge if needed also. The goal with the escort is to take down enemies fast. I like to just go head on all power to shields and weapons and just transfer shields to the front. You keep hitting the same shileds that you took out and it does not take long to destroy them then.

Also with the 2 tactial slot you get. I like the double high yield torps. You fire one then charge up the other and the first one you fired is ready to fire again. Massive damage doing this. There were a few other combos I would have liked to try but did not get a chance to. So take this as one option.

All in all the escort is a great ship class. Never go in first, get a good shield, do as much dps as possible, and kill them before they kill you. If anyone else has something to add I would love to hear it.
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