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Postby daryllnapoli » Sun Jan 31, 2010 6:48 pm

there are alot of missions to be played in game some are great most are just slow and long. they only really get good at commander and up. Some have great gear most dont. the ones that give you kits are just long drawn out missions that give little exp. The best way to get gear nd lv is just to do the defend missions. alot of great gear drops. how i do them is stay away from the other players in the map. i get all loot drops even if they are firing at the same target. it is very important to keep your power settings at defensive do not change it there is no reason too. at 100 shield it gives 300% shield recharge wich is very important to live. what i do is go look for groups of 3's those are always warbird,fighters stuff like that. you get your loot and at the same time you are getting great exp. the explore system maps are just a big waste of time,but at the same time if you do those with others they go by really quick. stay away from enemy contacts while grouping and doing those missions. the idea is to move threw them and get to the next one. there has to be a leader in the group and science ships have the best shields so they seem to work best. i always have ppl trying to stay with me . dont use tachyon beam dont use spread torps. tykins rift is the best for the simple reason it does aoe shield damage and at the same time takes there shields down. always fire your torps dont wait for overloads use them when you can. but before you get to the enemy over load than fire by the time you get there shields down you will be able to over load them again. Mines are great to use always lay them at all times. i take on 3 targets and by the time i get to the last there shields are gone and hull is down to 50% because of my mines. always go slow but at same time watch there heading and stay right with them. dont circle get ride of rear junk waste of time till you get some more slots in the rear. i use forward-1 torp 1 duel beam rear one turret 1 mine remember that the turret is firing the whole time does great dps. instance switching when doing the defend missions is the fastest way to get to the next fight. first try the ones that have 3 those are almost always started and 3/9. the idea is to finish the mission move on start another one dont worrie that they are started you get alot of exp and most of them by the time you do the 3 give you 4 bars plus the exp you get from killing.

Skills dont bother with ground stuff your ship is where you live make sure you officers have the right skills. have two healers one eng with shield repair and than have your tacts officer throw grenades . space skills always do the ship ones first if you use cruiser spec in cruiser and so on. gives better turn rate and power lvs. Than go to wepons beams/torps mines. next do warp core and shields read the skills and see what the do. at lt.comm lv alot of the enger skills are a waste unless you use the skills that affects that type of skill so make sure you read them. if it says gives boost say to shields than do it. but some only affect certain types of skills.tykins rift uses deflectors so train that skill if you use it.

Selling loot always go to the star base you lose less money that way. vender shields and all those battery's you dont need them and they give you good money. Weapons sell them on exchange. look at prices and undercut a little bit. phaser dont sell for shit but you can make more than vender. first thing to remember is dont waste money on the mk1 or 2 junk save it till you hit lt.com and buy your up grades there but you dont really need to because they drop alot in the defend missions.

This is how i play hoe im able to level and have 300k just sitting there doing nothing. save your money if you are going to buy anything buy a rare item but mostly the rest is not worth it. none of us are tring to be greedy but you need to think of your gear first than sell the junk you dont need. I give stuff to ppl all the time i dont expect nor want anything in return. But dont blame your lack of killing on gear. you have to charge in keep your fire up and move on always watch what is around you and most of all dont panic kill kill kill. just remember that maybe you might die but you can go right back there and now there will be less. i die sometimes but not much i pick and chose where i go.as to take advantage of my player skill. go for the small stuff first. fast kills and gets ride of there fire power. take out fighters with your mines dont worrie about them to much and always be balancing your shields.the balance key is very important.set that skill to your middle mouse for that reason 3 sec recharge so every 3 seconds hit it. you need to remember that all your shields zone have there own recharge so if your not do it than you waste there recharge on nothing balancing them take there power and allows them to build again. if shield recharge is 100 than it is 100x4 so you are always give more power to the zone taking the hits
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Re: Tactics

Postby FA_Frey_XC » Sun Jan 31, 2010 7:19 pm

Good information.

Also rememeber, however, that XenoCorp is a group fleet. We prefer to play the game together, if possible.

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