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Great Start

Postby Locutus_XC » Mon Feb 01, 2010 10:00 am

It was a good head start guys. We are all close if not already have our new ships. I should have mine tonight sometime.

Liking what I see with throwing stuff that is not used into the fleet bank. We need to try and keep that organized. Weapons together, shields, consoles, ground gear, etc. It would help if we had more tabs, i know. We just don't have 1.23 million credits yet (I think that is what it takes). Until we get more room in the fleet bank it will be hard to keep items in there for all levels. Also please don't put standard issue stuff in there. I will help try and keep it clean and organized.

Can't wait to party up with your guys again (especially when wer have our new ships). It was quite fun yesterday.

Have a great monday guys and I will see some of you tonight
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