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Making STO Voice Activated

Postby Pestalence » Sun Feb 14, 2010 2:18 pm

Here is an easy guide to set up your Voice Commands for Windows 7 and Vista

Works best using a headset microphone.

1) Click Start Button

2) Type in Speech Recognition

3) look in list in top of search button window and click on Speech Recognition Software.

4) Set up Microphone using setup application, at end, ignore message about Unable to hear you.

5) In the docked application at top of screen, right click Microphone and go to Configuration > Improve Voice Recognition

6) Run Improve Voice Recognition 3 times

7) Download and install Windows Speech Recognition Macros Software (Free)

8) Once you install and launch Windows Speech Recognition Macros, right click tray icon and select "New Speech Macro"

9) Click on Send Keystrokes

10) In top box, type in what you want to say, such as "Alpha" for Attack Pattern Alpha. Do not use " marks.

11) in bottom box, assign corresponding hot-key for Attack Pattern Alpha, for example, in my hot-bar slot, I have the Attack Pattern Alpha in slot for button 6, so I put in 6 for the macro to key-press.

***NOTE*** In game, Speech Recognition Macros has a hard time with {Shift}, {Ctrl}, and {Alt} keys, as such, you may want to alter in game key-binds to separate keys. Example.. by default 1-0 has 2 key-binds set by default 1-0 and Numpad 1-0.. You can erase the Numpad 1-0 and reassign them for the Ctrl or Alt 1-0 commands, also some keys are not used in combat like B, N, G, H, T, Y which can also be used to reassign Ctrl and Alt 1-0 in the game cubings section.****

12) To get the game to respond back to your commands, a little editing of the Macros are needed.

a) Open C:/Users/<User name>/Documents/Speech Macros folder

b) Right click a file in the folder and select Open With, In the box you will see Speech Recognition Macros as default program.. click the \/ button on the right side of window

c) Click Notepad from the list of programs

d) Uncheck the check-box at bottom of window that states "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file"

e) Click OK

In notepad, you will see the top of the file that says (Using my Attack Pattern Alpha macro for example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>

Edit file to read

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>

Pattern Alpha.


Where it says Pattern Alpha is the text you change for each macro as this is the response the computer will give back to you.

f) After doing the first Macro, close Notepad, this will prompt to save, say Yes

g) Since you have already edited 1 Macro file, just right click the next file, mouse over "Open With" and just click Notepad.

When done, you will need to close Windows Speech Recognition Macros from the system tray and relaunch the program for your Macro Edits to take effect.

Now in game, you can say "Alpha", the Macro will engage key-press 6 to trigger Attack pattern Alpha and the Computer will response with "Pattern Alpha".

without editing for adding the speech playback, setup takes all of 35 to 40 min and can make the game 90% voice activated, including shields, engines, weapons, buffs, Hailing Starfleet, Galaxy map, Fleet window, etc..

Adding Computer responses adds to the set up time by however fast you can type.

GL and HF

Hope this helps.


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Re: Making STO Voice Activated

Postby stoneyface » Mon Feb 15, 2010 5:29 pm

very good post pesty, good info and clear instructions. you may want to edit for some typos tho. it makes some things hard to understand.
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