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my thoughts

Postby daryllnapoli » Fri Feb 26, 2010 6:27 am

I decided to just post this instead of keeping inside.The discussion of endgame and just takeing your time.

Ok first off endgame... end game is progression and is about getting to kill new bosses and takeing there gear.Endgame has been in place since the great WOW came along and we had power house raids like MC and the rest. they had all different sorts of playability. the day my guild finshed mc first on my server was a proud day for everyone,not just the ones that were there but the guild as a Family. I am sick and tired of certain people and there negative remarks and looking a fool in fleet chat. What i am tring to do for the fleet is have an elite force of a few hard core gamers and than there will be groups of causal raiding and teaching so everyone can get threw them.I pride my self on my dps in both ships i have tuned and messed with and spent millions testing and giving away stuff to new cpts that could use the help.I got where i am in game by my self but at the same time i grouped with everyone at different points to help them lv and show them how i play.guess what most of them saw the difference and tried out different set ups.i dont want anyone to feel that im some lone wolf or doing his own thing because thats far from the truth.I just do what i want when i want too> i am more than willing to help anyone that needs not saying my load out or tacts are better than anyone else.because by far its not.i should have a torp in the front if not the rear as i turn away.but thats for a respec to play with later.

I dont want to be pissy with certain people i dont need to. You know who you are and why you make it hard on everyone else.i dont know why some say that im being rude or a know it all. well as for knowing my two classes yeah i have mastered them for what i want for now.but later when i need to change damage types and tacts ill adjust just as skills are great only if you use the right skill sets with buffs and timing is key to everything. i can load out someone with the exact same load out as me but they wont get the same dps as i do.there is times i have off days or i set up for bad runs. im not perfect but you wont hear me cry about it.most of the time i work it out and i live.When i group with others its a learning curve for everyone involved.I am a natural leader in anything i do and i do a good job at it.most of you know about me and where i come from. for those that dont my name is Sergent First Class Napoli.I am a 21b combat engineer Spec ops Airborne/Sapper. i am also a combat medic with adv leadership classes and team leader during road clearance in country. yes i have a fricking temper im a fucking Taurus and im a bull to the heart. i spell like a kid but i dont care.My job is tacts and figuring out the best and cleanest route for my self and my men to go threw.This carries over to STO.

In order for us to move forward and keep the Fleet name a crystal clean name that others will flock to with our achievements.In the past history of the fleet it has always been a small tight group of friendly players.We have the leadership and the resorces thanks to Frey. Stoney what can i say about you. me and you have flown side by side since beta and we have built a friendship. I have bonded with a few others and some that i just dont understand. As players it is our job to back up each other and fly each others wing.this game has so much potential and it is all in end game. reg missions dont need groups and if you need help i dont mind helping.Alot of why players fail is there reaction to muti targets. sencer scramble kill off a few and change your atck line. science and escorts are same in the fact that they can do alot of dont need to turn and move they can take a beating and heal threw it. and keep a good dps line going escorts what can i say but they burn threw ships like butter. they key to it all is scramble those sencers and move quick and use all buffs with the right timeing.Dps is best at5k- and below. dont waste your rapid cannons till than same with buffs. As for cruisers i know alot about them but i dont know all the skills. there job is to get in there and and build aggro dps on all targets. beam fire at will spread torps and keeping them self alive is key. everyone should be able to manage there own shields and hull with a little help from the tanks or a science ship. but dont rely on others to keep you up. move out of gun range pop your shields and get back in the fight with all your skills ready to go is everyone's job in the fleet to fill your roll what ever you want that to be.each class can have a dps and a suport role. lol not escorts we kill thats it.but as for the tank no they need as much regen shield transfers and hull repair as they can provide.start learning to change power settings. science ships use aux to target systems and knock them out. this is going to be key on takeing out the shields or lets knock out weapons. cruisers use aux as well for some of there power transfers. eps flow regulators are the key. escorts should have two they stack and a blade of armour. kinetic is important because of the dps that a high yield will do to your hull. im going to try the other one the 15% kin 15 % energy resit soon to see if i notice a difference since there beams and turrets are picking at me the whole time.

in close if you want to take your time and you dont want to participate in end game that is on you and you alone.I do not want to hear not one more thing about about this subject endgame bitching or playing with your self on your ship. get out there lv and get your self ready to join a wing. yes i understand that some ppl like to take there time and see everything. guess what game is not going any where stuff is still going to be there.hopefully soon with the slider being added the low missions we skip will get gear up grades as we scale them up.Soon there will be 20 man or so raids that we will need everyone on the same page.trying to farm the exchange and play with low lv stuff is just that low lv that gets replaced. i have learned the hard way buying blues to twink and it hurts to delete the gear so i have all my ships geared on my escorts. i dont want anyone to turn this around as some atck on them. this is an attempt to stop the needless smartass remarks in fleet.Today i worked with a nice young man. and we flew together and had time to talk.But i do not have to feel like i should have to warn them about certain ppl and there negative attitude. when i joined the fleet i was warned up front and im not going to be doing that with ppl i bring in.We all need to get along or just deal with each other.our fleet is a world wide community. and im happy to be part of it. I dont want anyone to leave or asked to leave the fleet. we just needto put our big boy pants on and stop actting like a bunch of bitches me included. as for me the reason why i talk to someone else is calm me down.I see only blood and i dont fear death.In the army shit happens but it is kind of funny how ppl know there limits on shit talking and acting like a bitch. because ill tell you from past experience they just go poof in the air.if the few that want to stay low lvs and figure out there paths in the game are happy than i am happy for them. Do Not start shit with me or anyone else that wants to play end game.eventually you will be leveled and will want to join in the action.But by alienating your self from others is only hurting fleet morale and that is not good for the health of our player base.

Anyways keep your heads up and dont worrie so much we all will find our paths in the game it is still early. sorry in advance for those that take offence to this post but what has to be said needs to be said long winded and all. I do feel better thow. one thing i will add is dont post reply's that are negative all it does is negate everything. this is not STO forums there its open season on trolls on the forums.
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