new policy for borrowing from the fleet bank

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new policy for borrowing from the fleet bank

Postby stoneyface » Fri Mar 12, 2010 5:22 pm

after some discussion between frey and i, we have come up with a new policy for fleet bank borrowing for the fleet.

as of now captain level and above can borrow from the bank with notification to a senior administrative officer in XC. that would be me and frey. i would prefer that you get on teamspeak and tell me in real time if possible. if that is not possible, then a note in fleet chat about it.

anyone who borrows from the fleet bank must pay it back at 15% interest. there is no real time limit, but please try to pay back as soon as you can comfortably do so. if we find that people are readily paying back in a timely manner and the 15% is not really an issue, we may lower the interest rate if we find that people are being responsible about the borrowing.

anyone who is in their "probationary period" in the fleet (basically the first month of membership) will remain Lt. level rank in the fleet and will have to ask a senior member to take money out for them, and give it to the new member. the 15% interest still applies. the reason we have to do this is to prevent the situation other fleets have experienced with people joining the fleet then draining the bank and leaving. now, i know we recruit on a very selective basis but we are still allowing people to join XC without filling out the application. this first month if a freebie period to see if you like and fit in with the fleet and to see if we think you fit in. after a month, we are going to ask people to formally fill out the application and turn it in. after acceptance, the fleet rank will be upped to captain level and you will be free to borrow without an intermediary.

any questions should be referred to senior staff, anyone senior captain and above in the STO fleet ranks.
thanks for your time and good hunting.
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