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Hello from the the other side

Postby Khemaraa_Iron_Hand » Fri Mar 26, 2010 8:09 pm

Back in the dark days of SFC-II:OP there was the KBF, and of the KBF was the legendary captains of the 69th battle group. A group of ace klingon captains who broke federation offensive after offensive on the servers. Lead by the legendary Sockfoot these storied warriors time after time stopped federation offensive cold.

I am Khemaraa of the Iron Hand, and I racked up a storm walkers record of PvP ship captures in play. Today I have joined the growing numbers playing STO. I did the pre order, open beta, head start, and have a lifetime sub.

....and I have an insidious plan... My Klingon characters will fly with the KBF, but my fed characters need a place to call home. Seeing you gents and ourselves share the same dynaverse TS server I stopped up in your all channel last night and said "hello".

I was accepted into XC (we old guard types have to stick together!) and per the assumed rules (I'm certain they're posted around here somewhere..) I have come and registered on the forums. I'm whipping this out during a slow moment at work. When I get home tonight I'll append a list of my Fed characters. My Klingons will stay in KBF.. My fed toons will contribute to XC, my Klingons to KBF. I give you my word and bond that any item drawn from the XC bank will be for use by my fed toons, and will not be sold, or transfered. And no matter how tempting I will not pull items from the KBF fleet bank for use by Fed toons.

I fought against you guys for two years.. be kinda interesting to fight by your side for once!

For those of you with Klingon characters looking for a home KBF extends the offer of membership to XC members...

I'll post a link later tonight to the KBF forums for those interested. Krueg is boss of the fleet. Feel free to pop down to the KBF channels on the TS server and say hi.

Salute to the old dogs.. see ya'll in game!

Khemaraa sends
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