Return of Locutus

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Return of Locutus

Postby Locutus_XC » Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:30 am

Captains Log Stardate 3846.32

Captain Locutus of the Galaxy Class Starship U.S.S. Producer

This is my first log since the ambush 4 years ago. Me and my Officers have learned what Admiral Frey had feared came true. War has broken out it seems on all fronts. If only I have gotten word back on what the crew of the Producer discovered. Only the officers and I survived the wreck in the Romulan/federation neutral zone. I am still haunted by my decision. I will send a full report later of what has transpired. For now Asmiral Frey wants to see us and talk face to face about events. I wonder what has all transpired in those years lost. Its good to see familiar faces.
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Re: Return of Locutus

Postby Locutus_XC » Thu Jan 14, 2010 2:39 pm

Captains Log Suplamental:

The past 4 years

There was a sense of unease throughout the universe. The admiral knew something was up. He had chosen me to do a special assignment. I had trained a lot of the xenocorp at the time on tactics and stratagy so he knew I was the right person for the job.

The mission was simple. Go into the Romulan/Federation neutral zone and be like a fly on the wall and find out if the rumors are true about a massive klingon fleet. The admiral feared war with the klingons. Yes they were allys at teh time but like kirk said, "They can never be trusted."

I had to take a skeleton crew aboard the U.S.S. Producer. It could be years before we found anything. We filled her up with all kinds of supplies to last us. We did not tell anyone else of this mission because it was in the neutral zone. Though every month I was to send a probe quietly back to federation space and transmit what was happening to the admiral.

So 4 years of hide and seek happened.

I was just over a month ago when we were in an astroid belt around a planet that could sustain life (barely), when we had a Romulan Warbird appear in front of us. It was your typical greeting saying its a violation being in the neutral zone etc. In the end they raised shields and started firing on us. So we did the same. We knew the odds were in our favor till 2 more decloaked and fired on us. The saucer section took massive damage.

Then multiple klingon light cruisers and bird of preys decloaked and fired on the Romulans. We evacuated the crew to engineering and the officers and I detacted the saucer section with us in it. We could not get it detatched from engineering. With the dead weight off our crew can manuever and get our of harms way.

When it was done though, they hailed the klingons for help. Without any reply they destroyed the crew. It was now just me and my officers in a cripples saucer section. We had no probes to send out to the admiral to get help. Everything but a few rations were with the crew.

Then something caught my eye. Hundreds of Klingon ships decloaked by the planet. Sending not just down shuttles but up! They had an outpost right under our nose! In clear violation of the treaties.

As the days went on we figured the reason why we were not target practice was because there was no honor in shooting us. As we drifted toward the planet we got just enough power rerouting things to make it safely to the surface of the planet. There was a catch though. If we powered up the Klingons would know. We could only do it as we enter the atmosphere.

19 days after the incident we witnessed the entire fleet go into warp toward the romulan empire. We knew what that ment. We had to make it to the planets surface!

29 days later we entered the atmosphere. Engaged the deflectors and my helmsman got us on the ground. There the Producer is laid to rest.

We had to get to the outpost fast. Get a message to the admiral. The outpost was 3 days away though. We went as fast as we could.

Upon arriving we scouted the area. It was just a 2 man post for communications. We easily infiltraded it and got on the com link. Sent a message to Frey and set charges to blow it up. We got in a klingon shuttle and headed to the astroid field nearby. Half way there we say 2 birds of prey warp in. We knew what the odds were of surviving in a shuttle. They hailed us but they knew who we were. As we just entered the astroid belt they were about 20K away from us and closing fast. Weaving around the astroids trying to use them for cover we tried to get through or lose them. Upon getting to the end of the astroids they fired on us. All we could do was evade.

We had one more problem now. We detected 4 more warp signatures coming right at us. We pulled up out of the way and rolled to see what we were in for and saw as it come out of warp firing all cannons the U.S.S. Odin. 3 Other xenocorp ships come out with it. They made quick work of the birds of prey.

My thanks to the admiral and the other captains and creman of xenocorp for the rescue.
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