XC handy Hellgate resources!

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XC handy Hellgate resources!

Postby stoneyface » Tue Jul 05, 2011 7:57 pm

so i am trying to compile a list of resources that are handy.

we use teamspeak 3 for comms,
server: teamspeak.dynaverse.net
pw: sfcrulz

first up is a handy guide to mini game icons...

here is a great tool, a map for the entire station system! *(please bear in mind that some things have changed such as station names. it seems that the layout is mostly the same, but the names are different. i will be doing an updated map soon)
http://www.xenocorp.net/stoneyface/hell ... on_map.jpg

next is a great game resource for items and such:


i will be adding more as i find them. :) feel free to add some if you find something cool!
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