=/\= Daily update 7-10-11

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=/\= Daily update 7-10-11

Postby stoneyface » Sun Jul 10, 2011 8:27 pm

Greetings guild!

We have a lot of activity today. I see lots of guild members on today and leveling fast! i love to see you guys busting hell's minions and fighting the good fight! the guild interface still has a few issues to be resolved but i do see improvement. once again, feel free to send me your great screenshots, the ones i have gotten so far have been pretty good. there are XC hellgate videos on youtube, take a look and then join us for the next one! our goal is to try to fraps every major boss fight in every act! it will be a glorious achievement! i already see lots of members progressing into act3 and act4! keep it up guys! (and gals :P )

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