=/\= Daily update 7-11-11

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=/\= Daily update 7-11-11

Postby stoneyface » Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:40 pm

Greetings Guild!

lots of cool things going on! one of our new members "rhaith" hit level 40 today! congratulations! i see a lot of members in the 30's range now and that makes me proud of our guild! way to go guys! man, while in a crawl today, i found a hellgate and it was nasty! i am running 470 luck on my level24 marksmen and let me tell you that was one intense "ancient blood" session. i ported in and i saw no less than 10 rare creatures and 3 legendarys not to mention all the regular monsters! i was very overwhelmed and had to port back and forth just to stay alive! this is why it is safer to travel in groups! keep those screenshots coming! i got a great one today of one of cthulu's minions, or an alternate identity depending on who you talk to! Dagon made an appearance as one of hell's messengers! take a look! Image

keep those screenshots coming in folks and remember...

remember the dead but fight for the living!!!

this is Black Ops. comin' at ya in secret and in black
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