=/\= Daily update 7-20-11

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=/\= Daily update 7-20-11

Postby stoneyface » Thu Jul 21, 2011 6:05 pm

greetings guildies!

man did i have a good time yesterday! i got really lucky and bought a 7 slot nikola's polyphase rifle from someone REALLY cheap. it will do until i can find an 8 slot! great gun, i can't wait to start modding it out! i am just a couple bars away from level 28 which means i can finally use one of my favorite guns from the past, "gunny's mistress" it is such a great gun!

in other news i saw that valeron hit level 41 right after i got a screenshot of him at 40! congrats to valeron! also i noticed that tuurgan made level 22. way to go guys! keep up the good work and i will also point out that i am seeing some really nice teamwork out there. i also love the fact that you all are not afraid to ask for help in a level or ask if anyone wants to come along on special "ancient blood" instances or other hellrifts! i love that team spirit! keep it up!
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