=/\= Daily update 7-25-11

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=/\= Daily update 7-25-11

Postby stoneyface » Mon Jul 25, 2011 10:17 pm

Greetings guildies!!!!

we won!!! we won week 3 of the guild crusade. i am very very happy and well pleased to be chosen. those in the guild should have an email in-game when you log in next with a nice 200k and 30 nanoshards waiting for you! i had to document the win of course!!! my thanks to t3fun for the honor!


and of course pumatrix had to laugh as i didn't know until i logged in! i wish i could have seen my face! :)

please note that many of you are reporting difficulty registering with the forums, it is being looked into. sorry :(
please try again later.

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