Narrative Interlude: Aragorn Dreams of Arwen

Narrator: Rivendell. Imladris. The house of Elrond the Peredhil. Aragorn finds himself in a secluded gazebo lying on a couch. It is a place he often went to secretly meet the beautiful daughter of Elrond... Arwen Evenstar.

Arwen: Greetings, my love.
Aragorn: Whoa! Hold on... surely this is a dream.
Arwen: Why do you question your senses?
Aragorn: Well, for one, I distinctly remember being in Rohan before I fell asleep. For another, you are not even supposed to be in this movie!
Arwen: Now, now... be nice! This is a new "enlightened" age and, if I play my cards right, maybe they will write me into the next one as the elven warrior princess who single-handedly defeats the dreaded witch-king at the battle of Pelennor Fields.
Aragorn: Rriiiigggghhhttt. I'm definitely dreaming.
Arwen: Is there nothing I can do or say to sooth your doubts?
Aragorn: Not really. So, wake me up, would you? Since I'm positive it's not really you that is kissing my face, I hope that it is only my horse and not Legolas... or (SHUDDER) Gimli.

Arwen: (sighing) Fine. But, if it's not to much trouble, would you mind taking a bath before your next dream? It doesn't look like you've washed your hair since leaving Imladris-- Ugh!!! Or changed your shirt! Honestly, my love, if we are ever going to get married we are just going to have to work on your personal hygiene. In fact, while I have your attention, maybe we should talk about your issues with emotional commitment--
Aragorn: Aaauuuuuuuugh! I'm awake, I'm awake!!!

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