The Complete Script

Monty Python: The Two Towers

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Scene Index

Opening Narrative - Crimson Rųhirrim Equestrians

Scene 1 - The Two Strongest Towers

Scene 2 - The Finding of Boromir

Scene 3 - Riders of Rųhän

Scene 4 - The Ents of Fangorn

Narrative Interlude - J.R.R. Tolkien

Scene 5 - Gandalf Returns

Scene 6 - Medusėld

Narrative Interlude - Aragorn Dreams of Arwen

Scene 7 - Battle of the Hornburg

Scene 8 - Meanwhile, Back at Isengard

Scene 9 - The Palantiri

Narrative Interlude - Calling Sauron

Scene 10 - Moving Right Along

Scene 11 - Faramir and the Beast of Harad

Scene 12 - Smeagol Goes Fishing

Narrative Interlude - Calling Sauron Redux

Scene 13 - Middle Earth's Finest Hour

Scene 14 - Nudge-Nudge, Say No More!

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