The Complete Script

Monty Python: The Hobbit

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Scene Index

Opening Narrative - A Hobbit Named Bilbo

Scene 1 - A Sack Full of Baggins

Scene 2 - The Ereborian Dwarven Popular Front of Erebor

Narrative Interlude - Revelations in Rivendell

Scene 3 - A Simple Misunderstanding

Scene 4 - Canned Meat in the Dark

Scene 5 - Goblins, Sheep, and Bears-- Oh My!

Narrative Interlude - Out of the Frying-Pan and into the Fire, Rinse and Repeat

Scene 6 - Kingdom of the Wood Elves

Scene 7 - Barrels Out of Bondage

Scene 8 - Lake-town, Lake-town, Lake-town

Scene 9 - Rings of Power - Special Edition

Scene 10 - Fire and Water - An Opera

Narrative Interlude - How to Recognize Different Types of Tree From Quite a Long Way Away

Scene 11 - Off to Erebor!

Scene 12 - War, Sir, is Raw

Scene 13 - Battle of Five Armies - Sports Edition

Scene 14 - The End of the Beginning

Narrative Conclusion - Bardic Epilogue

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