The Complete Script

Monty Python: Fellowship of the Ring

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Scene Index

Opening Narrative - History of the Ring

Scene 1 - Bloody Sackville-Baggins!

Scene 2 - Orodruin Jewlers

Narrative Interlude - The Book of the Film

Scene 3 - Bombadil's House

Scene 4 - The Barrow-Anthrax

Scene 5 - The Wizard's Insult Duel

Scene 6 - Bring Out Your Baggins

Scene 7 - The Prancing Pony

Narrative Interlude - Weathertop

Scene 8 - A Mission From Elrond

Scene 9 - The Three Misty Mountains

Scene 10 - The Doors of Kazad-dum

Scene 11 - The Balroooggggg of Moria

Scene 12 - An Eagle Carrying a Wizard?

Scene 13 - Lord and Lady of the Galadhrim

Narrative Interlude - Meanwhile, Back in Isengard

Scene 14 - The Falls of Rauros

Scene 15 - Breaking of the Fellowship

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